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What does Siyaya mean?

Siyaya derives from Zulu language and roughly means “Let’s go!”, precisely what we are doing in this show! We get up and go and explore and admire the best of the world’s last wild places.

What is the purpose of creating Siyaya?

The purpose of creating the series “Siyaya - Come wild with us” is to instill a desire in the youth to explore, nurture and protect the environment. The simple idea is that if viewers at home can see their peers having fun in Nature, so will they want to follow in their footsteps. Only what we know can we love, and when we love something then will we want to look after it.

What type of television show is Siyaya?

Siyaya is a fast-paced wildlife reality type of show that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The series unravels the mysteries of the natural world and imparts a sense of wonder and respect for Nature in the youth, leaving them fully convinced of the need to preserve our last wild places for future generations.

The series is hosted by a zany and mischievous scientist called Oompie, who drives around the country in a charismatic zebra-striped minibus collecting youngsters from all over world and taking them into the heart of the national parks, where personal boundaries are pushed on unimaginable journeys.

In Siyaya, our young adventurers explore caves, run wild rivers, abseil down mountain cliffs and investigate the world under the sea. By participating in these adventures, the youngsters also learn more about themselves and often share their personal growth with the show’s viewers. See them have close encounters as they touch, feel, smell and experience Nature at its wildest. In each episode they experience unique challenges, making for a fresh and simply unforgettable story.

The series leaves the viewers with a deep appreciation for our natural and cultural treasures and a keen desire to one day go and see them for themselves.

What is SANParks in South Africa?

South African National Parks is the body responsible for managing South Africa's national parks. SANParks was formed in 1926, and currently manages a network of more than 20 parks consisting of over 4,000,000 hectares, over 3% of the total area of South Africa. SANParks was our first partner in the series and has remained one ever since. More partners are now joining, including other protected area agencies, NGOs and the private sector.

Series Episodes

1. Search for the Big Seven Part 1: The Garden of Eden - Addo
2. Search for the Big Seven Part 2: The Big Ones - Addo
3. Search for the Big Seven Part 3: Whale of a Time - Addo
4. Search for the Big Seven Part 4: Hunters of the Deep - Addo
5. To the River’s End - Garden Route National Park
6. The Enchanted Forest - Garden Route National Park
7. Chronicles of the Foreland - Table Mountain National Park
8. Surfing Snails - Table Mountain National Park
9. Under the Sea - Table Mountain National Park
10. Cliffhanger - Table Mountain National Park
11. Half Land Half Water - West Coast National Park
12. Desert Coast - Namaqua National Pak
13. The Flowering Desert - Namaqua National Park
14. Tshavhadzimu - Mapungubwe National Park
15. Mountain of Water - Marakele National Park
16. Noah’s Ark - Mokala National Park
17. Into the Thirstland - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
18. When the Moon Talks - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
19. Searching for White Eye - Mountain Zebra National Park
20. Horn of Africa - Mountain Zebra National Park
21. The Golden Gate - Golden Gate Highlands National Park
22. Place of Big Noise - Augrabies Falls National Park
23. The Serpent’s Nest - Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
24. Signs from the Past - Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
25. Making Deep Tracks - Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
26. To the River’s End - Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

Basic Information of the Siyaya - Come wild with us series

Series Title: Siyaya - Come wild with us
Series format: 26 episodes x 26 min
Exhibition format: DVD, Blu-Ray, Pro Res 422 Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: Full HD
Language: English & Afrikaans (English subtitles available.)
Production: Francois Odendaal Productions / FOP Films
Executive Producer: David Mabunda
Produced and Directed by: Francois Odendaal
Co-Producer & DOP: Jeandré Gerding
Coordinator: Sivuyisiwe Giba
Associate Producer: Kevin Moore
Offline Editor: Kirsten De Magalhaes
Online Editor: Chris Moore
Music: Mama Dance!
Final Mix: Tim Pringle
Narrator: Chi Mhende

Who are the child stars in Siyaya?

  • Emily Gouws
  • Petlan Ghall
  • Franco King
  • Wynnetia Klaase
  • Khanyiso Plaatjies
  • Bongiwe Matsha
  • Lizelle Salter
  • Juminy Pearce
  • Erin Mahana
  • Nthabiseng Khiba
  • Nathan Manie
  • Tebogo Mfomadi
  • Jaco Du Plessis
  • Bongiwe Matsha
  • Laiken Lee Stuurman
  • Juminy Pearce
  • Caleb Ashley Cooper
  • Nthabiseng Khiba
  • Meagan G adney
  • Tebogo Mfomadi
  • Khonzokuhle Mata
  • Dominic Nkwana
  • Lee Mentor
  • Mashudu Tshoeni
  • Celine Burling
  • Jonathan Zacharia Farland
  • Ronell Petersen
  • Sophie Geyer
  • Patula Prezens
  • Jumalo O-Dean Greef
  • Mitchelle Solomons
  • Monapule Riet 
  • Latasha Fielding
  • Jason Van Wyk
  • Petlan Ghall
  • Lucile Barends
  • Wynnetia Klaase
  • Amoray Du Plessis
  • Bongiwe Matsha
  • Andries Kruiper
  • Juminy Pearce
  • Sanna Kruiper
  • Jambo Pietersen
  • Nthabiseng Ngubeni
  • Megan Pietersen
  • JP Du Plessis
  • Jan Pietersen
  • Nthabiseng Ramoshe
  • Anna-Marie Skokedie
  • Reanetse Sebuse
  • Katrina Swart
  • Millicent Andreas
  • Sue Ellen Titus
  • Nonuvu Sebe
  • Lazola Daweti
  • Eloise Stanfordt
  • Lindelwa Latileber
  • Judith Strauss
  • Nadine Stevens
  • Nicola Swartbooi
  • Nadia Gower
  • Grace Diergaardt
  • Nthabiseng Mahlako
  • Leonard Joseph
  • Colin Stoffels
  • Lester Tieties

Who is the zany and mischievous scientist called Oompie?

South African born Francois is a scientist who has worked all over the world. He dedicates himself to making our natural and cultural treasures accessible to young people, as the future of these assets lie in their hands.

To help human society rethink the way we live on Planet Earth, he has produced and directed several major documentary series and standalone films that were broadcast on numerous television networks, which include National Geographic Explorer, ZDF in Germany, the Discovery Channel and the BBC.

Francois has produced and directed the Aspects of Life series, The Last Edens, the Secrets of Nature series for SABC3 prime time and is currently the host of the Siyaya franchise. He also produced environmental education films for numerous organizations such as WWF, CARE INTERNATIONAL, IUCN, UNEP, UNDP, SANParks and CapeNature.

Today Francois is an environmental consultant and director of EcoAfrica, and organisation that is based in several African countries. He heads up FOP Films and has written several books including a best-seller that covers his expeditions down the Amazon River.

Who are the producers of Siyaya?

FOP Films is the production house responsible for the Siyaya franchise. The company comprises of an integrated team of filmmakers, scientists and environmentalists who combine their expertise in natural history by a clear understanding of their role in the ecosystem and award winning skills to develop documentary films with a mission.

Their vast network of scientists, researchers, environmentalists and grass roots communities allows FOP unprecedented access to even the most challenging and insular locations. With over 20 years of experience they have fully explored and they have developed a unique approach to film making, producing substantive films that promote sustainable living on our fragile earth. Their work has been funded and aired by some of the world’s most prestigious broadcasters. Their core team is enriched and strengthened by a wide circle of tried and trusted associates.

FOP Films aims to change the way humans view our natural world.